Receipt Scanner Review

Receipt Scanner Review lists and reviews scanners, scanning services as well as scanning and archiving software to help you to choose the best possible solution for scanning receipts or other documents at home or office. We point out the most high quality scanners and services on the market for your convenience. We have created an useful chart to compare different features of the scanners.

What are the benefits of using a receipt scanner and digital filing system? Receipt scanner is not just a good looking new gadget on your desk. First thing you’ll notice after using your scanner is a clutter free work space. Going paperless you’ll save a lot of space on your desk, drawers and shelves and the receipt scanner itself has a small desk foot print. You can add keywords and categories to scanned documents which makes them accessible and easy to find. This makes archiving very fast and effortless. With many filing software you can secure documents with a password which stops information theft and misuse of your confidential documents.

receipt scannerWhat are the things you should take into consideration when choosing a receipt scanner? Think carefully what is your main use of the scanner. The features vary from just basic to very advanced functionality. We recommend you to map out your scanning needs and choose a scanner accordingly. If you travel a lot and need your scanner on the road, there are several portable scanners on the market. Some portable scanner models are bundled with a carrying case and with others it can be purchased seperately. Carrying case is always recomended when travelling because of the flimsy plastic doors of the scanners. If you scan a lot documents at once, consider purchasing a scanner with a paper tray that holds a healthy stack of sheets. However, if you scan one or two receipts every once in a while, you’ll do without a paper tray.

Most scanners come bundled with a basic scanning and filing software. If you require a more advanced software, there are a few excellent options on the market. We would highly recommend Mariner Software’s Paperless 2.